3 Finest Off Roading Cars For 2017

While compact cars aren’t necessarily the hottest ticket item in terms of auto sales here in the US, Toyota’s Camry, bolstered by its reputation for reliability, has managed to do a fine job of moving units off the shelf. The 2017 version of the midsize sedan offers good fuel economy and a surprisingly powerful engine for its class, as well as a number of options and trim levels that can enhance the driving experience.

“The Toyota Camry is the quintessential midsize sedan,” says one Grand Rapids analyst, “but Toyota’s success with the model has created a brand loyalty that’s better than any kind of advertising that you can pay for and it continues to be one of the most popular cars in its class.”

Toyota Camry LE ($23,070 MSRP)

The Camry’s base trim features a number of excellent features for a standard package. These include a full array of head and knee airbags for both the driver and passenger, and side airbags for the front and back seats. The audio system has a CD player and MP3 player, and it is bluetooth capable. The Camry comes standard with keyless entry which can also turn the lights on and pop the trunk. The LE package also comes with a rearview camera and all season tires.

Toyota Camry SE ($23,840 MSRP)

The major upgrade from the LE is the sport suspension. The SE builds on the Camry’s base package by adding some luxury stylings and enhanced performance. Firstly, the SE adds a sport suspension to the mix for a better overall driving experience. In terms of luxury features, the SE adds leather steering wheel trim, a paddle shifter, some aesthetic upgrades to the grille and exhaust, and some metallic accents to the interior.

Toyota Camry XLE ($26,310 MSRP)

The XLE adds on the to the LE base package with some comfort and entertainment features. The XLE features dual climate zone controls, and both the passenger and driver seats are heated. The audio system now has 10 speakers, and comes standard with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, as well as a Navigation feature with traffic reports. For your convenience the XLE has a wireless charging station for compatible phones. The Toyota Camry XSE, which is the same price as the XLE, has the same features plus the sports suspension.

Hybrid Versions

Toyota offers each Camry trim in a hybrid engine model that increases the fuel economy of the car in the city twofold. With Hybrid technology becoming more and more prevalent, the cost of upgrading to a hybrid engine is much cheaper than it was a couple years ago. The LE here Hybrid model runs only around $3,000 more than the standard LE engine.

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